13 March 2009

How Not To Go To Bed


That is how not to go to bed.

Last night, as I was laying in bed, visions of Waffle House, Chipotle, pizza, nachos, and cheese and crackers. I'd had dinner. And it was nearly 1am. It was definitely not time to get up, get dressed, and go out for a snack. I haven't yet been grocery shopping since my return from the cruise. It's quite the sad state of affairs in both my frig and my pantry. I feel sorry for my mother, who arrives today. She doesn't know the sad state of edible affairs that she is coming to.

Most mornings, I get up in enough time to put a breakfast and lunch together for myself. This morning, with the grey skies pouring rain and warm coziness of my bed, I'm lucky I made it out at all. So, I arrived at work without breakfast, without lunch, without cash for the vending machines, and with Bojangles biscuits on the brain.

Luckily, I have an awesome officemate who just happened to be running to Dunkin Donuts...and just happened to get me the only type of donut that I like: Blueberry Cake. Delicious.

Sadly, that leaves lunch looking like the below meal - a can of soup. And, for once, you can check out the progress on my cable sweater. I cranked out at least an inch last night at knitting. And boy was it awesome to be back with the knitting group. I love being inspired to knit and I love having a great group of women to chat with. Good times!

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