26 March 2009

Recapping and hangovers.

The weather last weekend was lovely, but the weekend was spent with Durham's traditional weather again. The winter is rainy; the spring is rainy. Yuck. I was pleasantly surprised that the DC weather this weekend wasn't rainy 100% of the time as predicted. Friday was mostly dry, at least until we were safe and sound at my friend Amy's house. Saturday was misty and drizzly all day, but Sunday was downright lovely.

There was lots of excitement this weekend. Friday night, after enjoying a lovely dinner, watching some basketball and playing with Amy's adorable daughter Kara, we partied (only Amy, not our dates) like it was 1999. And I paid for that rather quickly, and I thought, rather harshly. Sadly, the effects of Friday were long lasting... Saturday, I helped Misha move, which ended up being rather rough for her father who broke his leg. It ended up being rather rough for both Jiff and I who were hopelessly hungover for the ENTIRE day.

After the move, we headed up to Hyattsville where the festivities, drinking and eating in Jiff's honor were not slaighted to start for several hours. We mentally prepared ourselves, and started drinking right away. It did help. I think I had forgotten that hair of the dog really is the way to go for getting over a hangover.

Once the party goers arrived, we ended up having a great time recounting old stories, making introductions, avoiding the smoking gun cameras that were going off left and right (JJ, Liz, Jiff's Dad). It was ultimately, really a lovely affair, but it made me sad that Jiff won't be within an arm's reach for much longer.

The weather on Sunday was crisp in the morning, but quickly warmed to a rather toasty 78°. We had crepes in downtown DC, then did a little tour of the monuments and the Tidal Basin. The cherry blossoms are in full swing, and so were the tourists (which is what I am now, I guess.) We made only a few stops, but we stopped in Fredericksburg to visit my favorite coffee shop and some of my favorite Fredericksburgers. It was great weather to take a little stroll down the streets of Fredericksburg, but since the removal of the Bradford Pear trees, it just doesn't have quite the same appeal. It was nice to see where one of my apartments used to be, although no longer standing...and to do a drive by of Mary Washington's House and by the college.

The road trip up and back from DC were surprisingly traffic and drama free. The time was filled with listening to the 4th book in the Twilight series, knitting and Girl Scout Cookies. Woohoo! I am making some progress on my cabled aran sweater from 2004. I am thinking that some good progress will be made this coming weekend as well. I feel lucky that I'll be spending the weekend with Jiff taking a road trip up to Chicago with her. It's going to be a long haul - we'll be doing part of it Friday night...and part Saturday morning, and then I fly back home. I do love me some Chicago...and car knitting! Woo!

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Lisa Jane Berray said...

Oh, no!!!! Where did the pear trees go?!?! How are they going to have the Pear Blossom Festival and Dog Fashion Show?!?!?! I tell you...Fredericksburg just won't be the same :(