10 March 2009

Small Stacks of Books

I've mentioned it a handful of times before on the blog, and my friends have heard me say it, I am interested in converting to Judaism. I've gotten mixed responses from my wide range of friends. There are Jews, atheists, agnostics, Catholics and lapsed Catholics, Lutherans...I may even have a few who are Baha'i. Everyone reacts differently; some don't react at all.

For a year, I've had a stack of books on my nightstand next to my bed. I've researched the religion and the conversion process. Having been raised Lutheran...conversion is an odd concept. I mean...I've never known anyone whoever "converted" to Lutheranism. They just kind of show up there and worship with everyone else. Or at least, that's my impression. :)

A year into heavy reading, and several years into my fascination with Judaism, I have contacted a local synagogue to talk to a rabbi about the conversion process. I am so nervous. Suddenly, my stack of books to help prepare myself seems stark and small, and positively insufficient.

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