06 April 2009

Adventures with Matzoh

My thoughts about the NCAA championships are this - I would like to win my office pool. That's about as deep as they go. Right now, I have been trying to pay attention to the game while doing some work from home, and then napping. It's been rather stressful. :)

I did get to let my hair down a little bit and do a little cooking and knitting. I'm still trudging along on my knitted cabled sweater. The pattern had a ton mistakes in it, which I was surprisingly able to find and remedy right off the bat. Now, I'm just working my way through the pattern. I haven't decided for sure if I will be going to knitting group this week, but I am definitely going to be schlepping that with me if I do. I can't wait to finish it...mostly because I'm thinking about all of my next projects.

As far as cooking is concerned, I had some fun with matzoh today. I made myself a Spinach and Matzoh Pie for dinner, along with some of my mom's BBQ Flax Seed Encrusted Salmon. What a great combination. Now, that being said, I overcooked the salmon, trashed my kitchen and made some good progress on my audio adventure with the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn. Later this week, as I keep working on my audiobook, I will also be making Matzoh Ball Soup. This week, we won't call me a good cook, just a themed cook.


Lisa Jane Berray said...

Somehow, I got roped in to cooking "The Last Supper" at church tomorrow night (this because of my fascination with Jewish culture and love of cooking). I think I might have to make this to supplement the traditional Sedar Plate, which doesn't seem terrible filling. Yay, Matzoh!!!

herding tapeworms said...

i rode the bus back from bethesday yesterday and there were two kids watching twilight on a dvd player and the girl next to me was reading one of the books. twilight overload. thought you would appreciate it.