02 April 2009


This weekend, I will embark on a road trip to Chicago. It's my second road trip, but my first departing from North Carolina. It's about the same amount of time in a car going through cornfields whether you go from DC or NC. Strangely enough, I can't wait. And again, of all the people I'd prefer to be trapped in a car with, Jiff is at the top of the list.

I haven't been to Chicago in almost a year. (See picture at left. My hair certainly has grown a few inches in the year.) The last time I was there was for work, and I felt pretty swanky meeting with a guy who wants to buy the Cubs. This time though, it will be somewhat more leisurely, but a much abbreviated trip. We will probably arrive midday on Saturday and I fly out midday on Sunday. That's not too much time to visit with all of my favorite Chicagoans and see my favorite sites. As you can see from the pictures, like most tourists, I love the bean. Millenium Park is one of those places that I never get bored with...whether just sitting there knitting, walking around or laying in the grass, I love it.

I hope Jiff gets settled quickly and I hope that some of my friends up there will adopt her. We were lucky enough to meet some nice Chicago folks while we were on the cruise. We also found out last weekend that a friend's father just moved to downtown Chicago. Oh the luck. Chicago, despite it's blustery temperatures and my dislike of cold, is a place that I would love to live. I prefer being warm and snug, but I think I could successfully do a year or two in Chicago and really enjoy it. I know it's brutal...in fact, the first time I visited was the very beginning of March of a very cold year. There was much wind and snow, which made sightseeing a real adventure. (That was also a great trip because I got to take an overnight train ride up there.) So, hopefully with Jiff up there, I will be able to visit early and often. I can't wait. Greektown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Ukrainian Village, and Andersonville. I'll miss you on this trip, but maybe I'll have time to scout out a pierogi restaurant while I'm there!

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Anna said...

So, Chicago!? One of Greg's and my favorite cities too. What's Jiff's plan?