13 April 2009


I didn't celebrate Easter, but that didn't keep my from being surrounded by good friends and food!

I went to visit Sciacca and her family on Saturday. It was lovely. Their home at Smith Mountain Lake is beautiful, and every family member was amusing in their own way. The children were particularly entertaining...and exhausting. Sciacca's 18 month old niece, and two cousins were filled with energy and wonderful distinct personalities and reactions. It was great fun running around with them. There was, of course, also a great deal of chili that was cooked and consumed. A Sciacca family tradition, the master of the house cooked a giant pan of turkey chili outside with a propane tank and special giant pan stand. See below.

Then, yesterday evening, I spent Easter dinner with my good friend Mika, her mom and her boy toy. He cooked...and everything was delicious. The real entertainment came in the form of his giant, bossy male tabby cat, whose name is Sue.

Mika's boy toy happened to have the CycleOps bike trainer that I've been lusting after at REI. I nearly bought myself one online last week...then thought better of it. I went over to REI yesterday, but of course, it was closed. (This Easter thing sure is a convenience!) Lucky I didn't go buy one, Mika's boy is lending me his to try out. If I like it, he's going to let me buy it off him at a reduced rate! Yay! I felt pretty good doing some work work while riding on the trainer last night. :)

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