24 April 2009

Ecclesiastes 3:1

The wisteria is in full bloom and is dripping from the trees like candle wax. In some neighborhoods, there rose bushes in front flowerbeds threatening to bloom, in others there are azaleas - unlike the DC area, it seems many people favor the crisp white azaleas instead of the bright pink or fuchsia ones. The crocus and the daffodils are long past their prime, but we're moving into a greener, lusher season with heartier flowers that will willingly withstand the North Carolina heat and humidity. In flower beds on Duke's campus there are California Poppies and Dianthus, both of which look like they could easily be destroyed by a good rain. We're quickly approaching the season for my favorite flowers of my childhood - marigolds and zinnias. Neither of those flowers looks like it would be phased by a tornado. That's what I like about summer flowers.

Image courtesy of Flickr.com.

In addition to quickly approaching summer flower season, it's now Farmer's Market Season. One of my favorite quaint things about Durham is it's farmer's market - as a locavore, I appreciate the local produce, local cut flowers, local musicians, and adorable yoga group that meets for yoga next to the farmer's market. Last spring and summer, I was gone so much that I hardly got to enjoy what was offered to me. This year, I'm hoping to attend more frequently. Since Jiff has moved away, that leaves me with one less person to adventure to the market with. I'll have to see what I can do about finding some new folks for people-watching and berry-eating.


MikaJ said...

i will go with you.....you know me and berries!

Jifferspop said...

I'll just have to come visit often. :-)

Lisa Jane Berray said...

I'll come down to visit!!! I love farmer's markets and have become as much of a locavore as I can living in a city of the former Rust Belt :) Plus, I should probably check in on my great-aunts in the Durham area...let me know if you could use some company :)