09 April 2009


Last night, I went to a seder with a friend of mine. His mother is an excellent cook and everything I ate tasted delicious. And I must admit...her matzoh balls are WAY better than mine. Mine were like tiny hockey pucks in broth. Hers were more like fluffy, delicious, flavorful balls of joy. I had an excellent time, and I felt very welcomed and comfortable.

In between reading my textbook to conversion, I will be studying for the GMAT. In between those things, my next goal will be to attempt to replicate her matzoh ball soup. I have a feeling there are egg whites in there, but I can't be sure. I will figure it out though!

Although this was not my first seder, it was considerably shorter than my last seder, which may have required 7 or 8 glasses of wine instead of 4.

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