21 April 2009

WaHo and Gardening

Passover has come and gone, and I feel I'm only slightly further along my religious re-education. Trying to keep Passover failed...thanks to Panera and simply being too broke and too busy to head to the grocery store.

The weather this past weekend was amazingly beautiful, and was perfect for the family BBQ that we had for the alums who were back for Reunion this weekend. Planning Reunion is what occupies almost all of my work time, and I think that it went far better than I could have hoped for. In the midst of all the craziness, I managed to get to enjoy the outdoors and hang out with some of my favorite alumni. It was lovely. I also was impressed that the class dinners ran much more smoothly than the previous year. Chalk it up to my having done it once already...or simply having things more in order this year, the entire weekend was a resounding success.

I have to say, the weekend did end with a bang. A certain someone was waiting for me on Saturday night with a bath drawn...bath salts, candles, the works. A+. Sunday was stellar, it entailed napping, chillaxing, drinking Starbucks, and making a delicious dinner of marinated salmon, green beans and a sweet potato. After all that (not so) excitement, I went to see the musical Legally Blonde. I highly recommend it. It's very, very upbeat...even for two slugabeds...and many, MANY girls go dressed to the show like Elle. To finish off a perfect evening, there was a much needed and much welcomed visit to the Waffle House.

Enjoy Katz's stellar song WaHo. If you have trouble seeing the embedded video, you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em8WLmyhHiw.

Amidst the cacophony of the weekend, I didn't have much time to spend on the new-to-me bike trainer. It works wonders, was easy to set up and I love it. My only complaint...I don't know how far I'm riding as my odometer is on the front wheel. With the weather as nice as it's been, I can't wait to get on my bike and actually ride outside. Not sure when that will happen though...I need to get my bike seat checked out from my last riding disaster when it came off.

And lastly, my homage to spring - I worked on my container garden tonight. I have cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket. I read somewhere that they can really thrive there. I also have my own seeds percolating. I can't wait. Who knows how it will work, but I am going to be trying to make a salad container garden - lettuce, cucumber and radish. (Am I the only one who likes radishes?) My second ginormous container will have short grey zucchini. But the salad and zucchini are still germinating. I'll keep you posted on that front.

Using poor common sense, I used a box cutter to slice off the tops of two giant cat litter containers. I then stabbed holes in the bottom for drainage and washed them out well. Using a mixture of potting soil and a horse manure/soil blend, I made myself a little herb garden. I've got mint in one container, and basil and parsley in another. Lowe's was selling their own Italian herb container garden, but I thought this would be way more fun.

And lastly, to wrap up completely, I've started making some grad school decisions, which is HUGE for me...I've only been hemming and hawing and procrastinating and daydreaming for a couple years now. I'll share more when it's not super late.

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Lisa Jane Berray said...

Love the Waffle House rap!!!

Be careful with the horse manure fertilizer...there is a certain strain of worm that breeds in horse manure and can contaminate your soil and kill the plants...a word of wisdom from my papa. He scared me away from it last summer when I had a ready supply of equine feces at my disposal :)