26 April 2009

Weekend Recap

Although the heat today was oppressive, I have opened up my screened porch. While a pot on the stove is rattling at a boil, I can hear an ice cream truck in the background. In a few minutes, I'll turn on the Hurricanes game to see if I can spot a few drunk friends in the audience, and to appreciate the hockey. This weekend has been filled with heat and humidity. With the temperatures in the 90s today, I was happy to not end up more pink and burnt than I did. I reapplied the sunblock over and over again, but I didn't get away unscathed.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my Foodie Social Worker friend. We took advantage of the 14th annual Piedmont Farm Tour. We ended up going to 3 great farms: Chapel Hill Creamery, Whitted Bowers Farm and the Captain JS Pope Farm. The first farm is self-explanatory - it's a local creamery. They own and milk the cows, and they make their own locally distributed, delicious cheeses. It was fun and educational with many saucer eyed beauties behind electric fences. The second farm is where my friend's amazing asparagus came from. The farm is not only organic, but also a biodynamic farm - they do everything from soup to nuts. They collect rain waters, which they use to water their crops. It's amazing, and beautiful. The third farm is a lamb and sheep farm. Of course, we had a great time there, as well.

Yesterday during the day, I met my friend Anne and her adorable dog Hattie for coffee and a walk around 9th Street in Durham. I love the coffee at Bean Traders, and I also love people watching outside. There were about 6 Napoleon Dynamite's. This was before the heat got turned on high. After our walk, I headed to Duke Gardens for some reading, people watching and sunbathing. I made a good dent my newest book club book: The Road. It's incredibly dark, but I am enjoying it nonetheless. The weather was hot as hell, of course, and by the end of the day, I felt like I had run a marathon.

Last night, a friend and I went out to dinner at an excellent restaurant in Raleigh, and then we went to see Lord of the Dance. It is one of his favorite shows, and he is quite the connossieur of musical theater. I was a little disappointed in the performance, and I think he was too. Having seen it before, he had knowledge that I was missing, and I had the sense that this just wasn't that great of a rendition. That being said, it was still pretty entertaining. But the dancing was for the most part, pretty boring. The men were outstanding...but I am pretty sure the women were just pretty.

And last little bit, since this post is all out of order, my planted seeds are beginning to sprout. They are so damn cute, I just had to share.

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