10 April 2009

Week's End Rundown

It's very late and I have to get up very early tomorrow. This will be rather short. A quick knitting update - I've started the first sleeve to my cabled sweater. I'll post some good pictures once I've finished a sleeve or two.

Tomorrow, after putting in a full day of work, my goal is to go do some reading and studying at my favorite coffee shop in Durham, Copa Vida, and then go to temple afterward. This has been a long week, and I am looking forward to spending some time being turned off and just relaxing and thinking.

After my big foray into going to temple, Saturday will be spent visiting with my favorite cynic in the world...no, not myself, but my good friend Sciacca. Be jealous. I am going to meet up with her and her entire family, which seems rather delightful.

Sunday, I will be spending Easter dinner with my good knitting friend Mika, her adorable boyfriend and her mother. I think it should be fun. I want to contribute something to the meal...I'm fighting the urge to bring matzoh ball soup. Maybe funeral potatoes, as my boss calls them...or cheesy potatoes, as my friend Amy calls them. Mmm... I'm hungry just thinking about cheesy potatoey goodness.

I'm off to bed in hopes of getting up for an 8:15 meeting. Woo. Night, night!

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