14 May 2009


Today was a good day, filled with Jane Eyre, gym time, beer, hockey, and happily cooking. With a little help from my friends (and the Canes), my day was pretty much gleeful. The Canes went into OT and managed to score with barely over a minute left in the game. Cute little Scott Walker. It was his first playoff goal.

Anywho, the cooking extravagansa which happened this evening included zucchini, pine nuts, beets, cauliflower and an amazing fruit salad. The challenge was the beets: Spice-Roasted Cauliflower with Beet Emulsion. They were to be roasted, pureed, reduced and then eaten. It was more like roast, blend, add water, look confused, giggle, blend, look perplexed, strain through sieve after adding too much water, reduce and eat.

It was somewhat concerning when it started looking like lumpy Pepto, but was actually a pretty good pairing with the spicy caulies. Delish. The pasta was a bit boring, but fresh and tasty at the same time. The random Bud Light Lime in my frig happened to go pretty well with the whole ensemble. I was rather pleasantly surprised at how excellent the cauliflower was. I haven't done all that much with cauliflower, mostly just steaming it with cheese. This is a really great recipe despite the beet emulsion not turning out perfectly.

Such a nice, fresh, delectable way to finish up the week...and gear up for the game, of course. And to end the meal - a fruit salad with mangoes and berries! So great. Now, if only I'd been inspired to do the work that I brought home with me for the evening. I got really distracted by The Mentalist, the Canes game and my bad cat. I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend! I can't wait to go to a concert and a baseball game! Woo.

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