11 May 2009

from hockey to hummingbirds

I was certainly disappointed in the Canes Sunday night game. They took one hell of a beating, and just looked like limp noodles the whole time. While that is slightly disappointing, it does mean that I get to go to another game. Woot. I am excited to have an awesome date to the game.

In fact, that same person was my date for the evening tonight. We had a romantic picnic dinner in the living room and then went to see Wolverine...which kicked-ass. I've been wanting to see it for quite some time, but only just now got around to it.

And in addition to making the long trek up to Baltimore to see my dear mother for Mother's Day, I also spent some time playing in my container garden, where my seedlings are sprouting ever so cutely. My mom thinks they look a bit like little soldiers in a row. And I also finally put up my hummingbird feeder that my mom gave me. All of that transpired after I gave my apartment a royal scrub down, which it has been deserving for quite some time. She looks good, the old apartment, despite being re-covered in cat hair, and now crumbs from the delicious 9th Street Bakery bread that we used for our Apple Cheddar Melts.

I haven't had any takers from the Durham hummingbird population, but it's also been 55 degrees and rainy out...maybe once the sun comes out so will the birds.

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