15 May 2009

More 101 Things

It's been forever, but I finally took some time to update my 101 Things in 1001 Days. Misha keeps calling it my list of 1000 things, but I'm not really that driven. I feel like I've been watching movies nonstop recently, but I clearly haven't been watching those who have won Best Picture. I upped my Austen and Shakespeare movie watching though. It's the reading from the Penguin Classics list that really goes largely untouched...

Ultimately, it feels pretty good to revisit this and know that I've still got over a year to go to finish out this list. I think that planning and goals are really important, so this helps me to be realistic about what I can accomplish in the course of a year.

Check out my list: http://spinningninny.blogspot.com/2008/12/revisiting-101-things.html

I am definitely a list maker - whether it's a packing list, a to do list, a list of things to buy, a list of things to avoid, a list of songs to listen, a list of my strengths, a list of cars I dislike, a list of qualities for a partner, or a list of names....I'm always writing lists. It's structured and satisfying. And I cannot tell a lie, I've already started working on my next 101 things even though it's more than a year away. I wanted to be MORE strategic and MORE thoughtful and create quantifiable, measurable goals.


borntoride said...

i like this

herding tapeworms said...

a list of things to avoid: rogue mosquitoes that bite your eyelid while you're sleeping, thus causing it to swell to mammoth proportions.

you, me, a list, and a couple of beers.