14 May 2009

The Namesake

Who knew that I had it in me?? Spinning Ninny finally does a little living up to her name.

I sat down with my Schacht Matchless last evening, and some LOST. The season finale was a little bit draining. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, but it went well with my spinning...because there were certainly parts that made my head spin.

I am out of practice. Spinning was hard. The fiber seemed stringier and stingier - less happy about being spun than I remembered. After looking back at my blog however, I clearly state that this same fiber, which is what I was using back in January, was overspun and lumpy. It's that way now. So, I've got to get back in shape.

It's so hard to figure out how to divide my time - Jew studies, GMAT, knitting, spinning, reading, gardening, cooking, napping, cuddling with Luther, watching hockey, watching movies, going to the gym, going cycling. Making decisions about what to spend my time doing somewhat like the Sawyer-Kate-Juliette-Jack fiasco on LOST. I mean, if I choose Sawyer over Jack, then I might be making the wrong decision...so perhaps I should choose neither of them. Often, that's how I end up watching shows like LOST and vegging with my cat - I can't choose between all of my random hobbies and so I just find something else to do.

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Lisa Jane Berray said...

I will make it easy for you...Sawyer is totally MINE, so you can have Jack. As for spinning, we need to get together sometime an spend the day spinning and knitting. Someday, when I have my sheep farm, you can come visit and we can sheer the little buggers and spin from scratch. I miss carding wool...