05 May 2009


My Netflix queue is out of control. It has been for some time. It started out that I rated a TON of movies. I think initially I rated 600 or 700 movies. After that, I was, of course, thinking about my best strategy for how to approach my Netflix endeavors. I added all of the Best Picture Academy Award winners. At that point, smart little Netflix starts making suggestions for movies that I might like or that viewers "like me" enjoy. Netflix must have a kick-ass algorithm, or I must have fed it WAY too much information, because Netflix is right.

Netflix is DAMN right. Yes, Netflix. Yes, I will like films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, To Catch a Thief, and the Resident Evil Trilogy, as well as shows such as Weeds and Mad Men. But REALLY - stop taunting me. I would LOVE to watch the movie I got a week and a half ago, but I just haven't had time. I've got book club, happy hour, reading about becoming Jewish, date night, hockey night, gym night and company in town. I've got work to take home with me, plants to grow, an unloved Nintendo Wii, 15 cookbooks that need dusted and a NETFLIX QUEUE OF 476 MOVIES. I've feeling slightly overwhelmed. There's so much to do, so many damn movies and so little time.

I started getting really worried two weeks ago when I realized that my queue was MAXED OUT. Did you know you can only have 500 movies on your queue? I mean...500...it's not that many! I mean, 50 of those are the remaining Best Picture winners. A good 50 are movies I do really want to see. I'd have to say there are a good 15-20 that are original movies of which I've seen the remake. At least 200 are movies I should see, for cultural reference, because of a valid recommendation from a friend or relative, or just because everyone else has seen it. The rest...well...they are suggestions that Netflix has conned me into. I mean...half the movies on there, I don't remember adding at all.

Last night, after some good-humored taunting from the a friend about how I've somehow managed to miss seeing ALL of the important movies that he's seen. (We have eerily similar taste, although he thinks me inferior for having missed out on a ton of movies. I haven't really had Netflix that long...and he gets 5 discs at a time! Cheater.) He delved into his movie collection in order to send me home with - I shit you not - over 20 movies. Now, luckily, those movies are almost all on my queue, so I'll be able to tick them off my list. But now, having to watch the Suicide Kings within the next few days feels even more daunting since I've got another 20 in the hopper.

Here you can see what's at the bottom of my list. The top of my list is probably more telling about my taste in movies. It's got The Lookout, My Best Friend's Girl, Underworld, Michael Collins, and the Darjeeling Limited on it. Ghandi just keeps getting pushed further and further down...so does The Bridge on the River Kwai. One must find a way to prioritize. My system of prioritization is to send to the top whichever movie has the likelihood to hold my attention for more than 30 minutes. I guess these at the bottom just aren't there yet.

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