18 May 2009

Running the Gamut

This weekend's weather certainly kept me on my toes. I rarely pay attention to the weekend weather unless I'm traveling, and perhaps I should have for this weekend. Friday was warm and lovely, Saturday was more of the same peppered with light showers, and Sunday was cold and rainy. I spent Friday night out in Chapel Hill with friends having dinner and then going to see Brandi Carlile play...with her HAWT cellist, Josh Neumann. When Jiff and I were cruising in March, she stalked Brandi, and I stalked Josh. We were somewhat successful...

This weekend was Artsplosure in Raleigh. And no, I didn't spell that wrong. Art + Explore + Exposure = Artsplosure. I went last year, and I was happy to go again this year. Julie and I trekked down there in the afternoon (after I'd had breakfast at Guglhupf, of course). It was all art and music and funnel cakes for us. The weather was not too hot, although, we did have to rub Julie's pallid skin down with a substantial amount of sunblock first. :) I wish there were artsy things like this around where I grew up! It was awesome - there was a giant sand castle type thing, a cardboard fort, a music "mixing station (think DJ), and giant chess pieces. Fun galore.

After Artsplosure, we were off to the Durham Bulls game. It was my maiden voyage to a Bulls game. I've always thought I hated baseball. Apparently, I just am intolerant of it on TV because this was AWESOME. I cannot wait to go back! The Bulls did win, which was part of the excitment, but it would have been as fun if they hadn't. I was also highly amused at the giant sumo suit wrestling that took place in between innings.

And lastly, I got my foodie on last night. It's been a while, but I broke it down ragout style. For those not in the know, ragouts are a type of stew like concoction. They can have meat and/or vegetables and they are just delicious. Mine has zucchini, tempeh, potatoes, corn and tomatz. I served it with a PBR and over pasta. Mmmm... It was tasty, but it made me REALLY want ratatouille. Now, that is my jam. Perhaps later in the week, in between the Canes games, I can find sometime to assemble a ratatouille.

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borntoride said...

great pics. i love reading your blog and about the things you are doing! LOVE YOU!