27 May 2009

A sushi poker hockey extravaganza

This is what my Memorial Day weekend looked like...

There were smoothies and ice cream and coworkers on a day off.

There was sunbathing...and sleeping by the pool.

There was sushi.

There was beer and poker.

There were late arrivals to Durham.

There was sleeping late.

There were excruciatingly long walks and late breakfasts.

There were hummingbirds and storytelling.

There was a tailgate to rival all tailgates for the Canes game. We were merely 30 feet from the entrance.

There was a rather terrible Canes game, viewed from the Club level bar.

There was more tailgating with orzo and feta salad.

There was a dive bar and inappropriate behavior.

There was a persistent marine.

There was Waffle House, much to Jiff's chagrin.

There was a bad cat.

There was minimal teasing about the fact that we all have some sort of physical ailment: knee, foot, carpal tunnel, shoulder. And minimal teasing about the fact that my ortho called me a "constellation of biomechanical errors."

There were great friends who passed out on the sofa bed...dead to the world.

There was yet another great friend who forced me to take out my contacts rather than sleep in them.

And then there was an all day hangover on Sunday.

Best Weekend In Forever! It only rivals the December surprise party.

This weekend has made me listen to the song "In a Big Country" both the rendition by Big Country and the one by moe.

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