08 May 2009

Working for the Weekend

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I can tell you exactly what is on the back burner: knitting and studying for the GMAT. Instead, I've occupied myself with...well, movies (see previous post), book club books (The Road last month, The Trial this month), and hockey. The Canes have been playing pretty well in this second round of playoffs. I've been following it closely, but I've only had the chance to go to one game. This past Wednesday, I went with a friend of mine and had an awesome time. The game was outstanding - it went into overtime with the winning goal scored by Jussi Jokinen, and it once again solidified my love for Cam Ward and Eric Staal. The mood at the RBC center was merry, drunk and punch drunk. As we walked to the car, through the hordes of traffic and a sea of red, people were calling out random cheers for the Canes. It was pretty awesome.

I, sadly, managed to not bring my blackberry OR my digital camera to the game. So, I have no pictures to show of me in my Canes shirt... Maybe next time.

Image courtesy of Flickr.com

Despite having blown most of my amusement budget on that hockey game (tickets and large expensive beers), I am dying to go again. There's a game tonight, but I am not going to skip shabbat to go get drunk and root for the Canes...although that is tempting. There is another game next Tuesday, and I'm working hard to coerce a couple friends to consider going.

I did manage to do some cooking. I rocked a great quinoa recipe and I made a weird yet tasty cabbage soup for a sick friend. Other than that, it was raviolis, stadium hotdogs (all beef!) and frozen waffles.

Overall, this has been a pretty long week, and I'm not thrilled to have to work on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing my mom in person for mother's day. Yay! (On a less happy note, she's having knee surgery on Monday and I wanted to be able to wish her well. She managed to tear her MCL. Go mom! She's so tough!)

So, Happy Mother's Day to everyone - and Go Canes!

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