23 June 2009


I haven't posted about knitting or spinning recently. It's really rather tragic my carpal tunnel has become. I think I've only picked up knitting twice since the beginning of the year and neither was a particularly comfortable experience. In lieu of knitting though, I had hockey, cooking, a slew of out of town guests, my container garden (which is pretty much only herbs and zucchini - the lettuce and radishes didn't fare so well). Of late, I've been trying to explore some other parts of the Triangle that I hadn't previously played with...

In the past few weeks, I got to play around at Frankie's Fun Park, which is a bit of a staple for childish fun in the area. What better way to prevent yourself from growing old than to act like a kid. Mini-golf and air hockey paired with beers. That's my idea of a good time.

I've been to the Durham Farmer's Market a handful of times, and I love the live music and nice family scene. This past weekend though, I ventured into new territory - Raleigh! I went to the Raleigh farmer's market which is substantially larger than the Durham market. More vendors and more variety of goods - meat, cheese, fruits, veggies, house plants, vegetable plants, plants for flower beds. It was rather lovely. The only problem - I went on Sunday and it was probably 95° out. (In fact, it's only 82° out right now, and it's down right chilly feeling compared to the weather we've been experiencing.)

My exploration of Raleigh didn't stop there though. After the farmer's market, I got to explore the North Carolina Museum of History. They have a pretty cool pirate exhibit. After checking that out, and being overwhelmed by the kids running around, I went across the street to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. We looked around there a little bit, but went right to the top level where they have a room with all sorts of butterflies. Through all of that, I managed to not have my camera. It's rather disappointing to look at this post and not have a single picture to show for it.

After the museum encounters, I wanted (a cup of coffee and) some outdoor time. NC State's JC Raulston Arboretum, which was beautiful, as my next stop. I'd never been there before, and I was used to Duke Gardens. The two have really different feels to them. I much prefer NC State's version to Duke's. I was astounded by the rainbow of colors in geraniums, roses, Japanese maples, hydrangeas and, of course, the hibiscuses.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I'm definitely looking forward to exploring some more!

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