01 June 2009

LocoPops trump biomechanical errors

I've been both delinquent at blogging and at knitting. The carpal tunnel is preventing me from doing any knitting. In fact, I have a rather sexy wrist brace that I have been directed to wear all day at work, any time I'm on the computer and when I sleep. I don't need to wear it to eat though. That's all part of the larger "constellation of biomechanical errors." Despite the inconvenience of wearing the wrist brace, it's actually helping to some extent. That being said, I'm still not so sure that jumping back into knitting won't irritate the problem again once I'm healed. Blech.

I've had a busy couple of weeks. Now that the Canes have successfully eliminated themselves from the running for the Stanley Cup...with an amazing amount of gusto, to boot, I have more time to...pursue other hobbies. Ridiculous as it may seem, I haven't had a moment's worth of free time. Of course, you know of the weekend debauchery for the last two weekends. Well, it happened again this weekend when Misha came down to visit. She was a great distraction from my Canes sorrows, but she wasn't quite enough of a distraction to prevent me from watching the Redwings and the Pens play on Saturday. If possible, I do dislike the Redwings more than the Pens. (Although, my mother has kept reminding me that I really should cheer for the Pens too since we've had a Pens fan or two in the family.) Meh. A friend suggested that I bid my time until the next season by following the ongoing Canes news - who's coming, who's going, who's staying. With a few too many puck-moving defenceman, who knows what they are going to do to balance out the team.

Misha came down on Thursday night and worked from my place on Friday. Luther kept her in line as you can see at the top. (He's quite the taskmaster.) We had plans to go to the NC Food and Wine expo...or the to the grand opening of a new local farm...but neither materialized. We managed to go to Cosmic twice...once sober and once not. The weekend also included LocoPops, Guglhupf, sunning ourselves by the pool, assembling a hot set of Yakima roof racks on Misha's car, going to REI twice, eating at my favorite Italian place and having Misha reign me in at Tylers after a couple shots of rum (Ew.) I was sad when Misha had to trek back northward on Sunday, but luckily, I had a friend around to go to Duke Gardens, LocoPops (again) and take an excellent walk around the areas surrounding 9th Street. It was a great exploring...and might have inspired me to start stalking some of the adorable bungalows I like in the area once again.

We were blessed with amazing weather this weekend, but it's evident that this is going to be a very hot and humid summer. It wasn't too terribly hot this weekend, but you can tell by the feel of it that that oppressive heat is just around the corner.

This is another busy week with not a second of down time...from Monday through Sunday night. I'm tired just thinking about it, but excited at the same time. Regardless of all that, who can beat starting the week out with Akashi sushi!?!

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i love the pics.

i love locopops.