04 June 2009

Sushi Love

Last night, I was fortunate enough to have a super hot date with my good friend Mika (Hot for Teacher). I've been neglecting her and my other knitting friends for months... But let's be honest, when you've got carpal tunnel and aren't supposed to be knitting, the last thing you want to see is what other folks are knitting.

So, having not gotten together in a good long while, Mika and I met up for a little evening out of the town of sorts. We went to Sushi Love, which is a relatively new sushi place near Duke's campus. We shared some amazingly delicious and amazingly priced sushi...and some fried green tea ice cream.

After running into a slew of people we knew and finishing up our meal, we went for a nice little stroll. There's a tiered fountain near the restaurant...and my first thought was (thinking of college) "I wish I had some soap to put in the fountain." Silly, I know, but we used to do it in college. Well, after taunting Mika a bit, she decided to attempt to scale the fountain. Without a leg up though, she was unsuccessful at getting up onto the tiered portion of the fountain. Regardless of her lack of success, we both had a great laugh. :)

Life is good.

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MikaJ said...

hahahaha! i love the pictures!