24 July 2009

Bravo Zulu

The week is finally drawing to a close. I'm working from home today, sitting outside on my porch underneath my hummingbird feeder appreciating the sweltering heat, the sunshine and the grape tomatoes that I am eating from the vine. It's rather lovely. I'd only be happier to be reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in lieu of thinking about law firm sponsorships and that sort of thing.

On the docket for the weekend: maybe some live music, a trip to the Carrboro farmer's market, dinner with friends, bacon chocolate, sunning myself at the pool, and possible even a bike ride...

That's a lot to accomplish when you feel as sleepy and happy to be at home as I am. Who really wants to work on accomplishing tasks when one can bird watch, eat homegrown veggies and relax from one's own rocking chair.

That all being said, I am making good progress on my little lime baby sweater, and I need to ship off a box of baby goodies to my good friend Ginny. So many babies to knit for, so little time.

Also, so many cucumbers...so little time... AND so many area restaurants, so little time. I'm hoping that tonight's dinner plans take me somewhere new and different! I can't wait!

Bravo Zulu to everyone for finishing up yet another week!

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