21 July 2009

CSA Booty.

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.

At Duke, they encourage us to be healthy and eat locally. There are two farmer's markets during the week, and you can sign up to receive a weekly share of vegetables from different area farms. It's pretty incredible. I've thought about doing it before but was always afraid that I wouldn't be able to consume the food in a timely manner. It looks like they have a pretty good amount of stuff in there, with some good variety.

You get a portion of their weekly harvest and you can sign up for different size plans - individual, couple, family. It seems to work out pretty well. My friend Mika has the share and she's out of town for a bit (after eloping). Lucky me, she let me get her allotment. I thought this was a pretty great lot of food, and when I was picking it up, the woman running the pick-up asked if I wanted some okra too. Already overwhelmed with what's in front of me, I declined. How excellent.

I can't wait to sign up next summer. A box like this runs $16. That's way better than what you'd pay at the grocery store, and what's more satisfying than being a locavore.


Cindy said...

Wow... cheapest CSA around here that I know of is around $30/week.

Lisa Jane Berray said...

Is that a green tomato? I'm in desperate need of some green tomatoes :(