20 July 2009

Here, There, Everywhere.

Below are a couple photo montages for you. I was, of course, in Chicago over Independence Day, and boy do they do fireworks. Friday and Saturday we got to experience them, but sadly, none of us had a camera that could capture the visual revelry. Instead, what I have to offer, are a handful of mostly silly, mostly camera phone photos and self-portraits, blurry bad pictures, and one or two stolen from friends. Sorry for all of that.

Most importantly, I really did start a knitting project. It's a miracle, I realize. I started working on Carole Barenys' Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. The pattern is pretty quick and easy, and I've really been enjoying it. Here's a miscellaneous Ravelry picture of a green version of the pattern. I love it. I am not too too far along but I hope to finish soon.

And in garden news, I have not yet seen a zucchini, but I'm up to 3 cucumbers and a handful of grape tomatoes.

Last weekend, I had an extended stay in Brooklyn. I've been up to the 5 boroughs many times before, but none were Brooklyn-centric. While we did visit other islands (Manhattan, Coney and Governor's), we spent a lot of time buzzing around Brooklyn. My host with the most took me to the farmer's market, a local beer shop, a vintage thrift store and several good coffee shops!

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