22 July 2009

The CSA & the clean frig.

Last night was the first night in weeks and weeks that I've had free and to myself. My apartment is appallingly dirty and cluttered. I was feeling sad and overwhelmed (by the clutter, the dirt and the amount of veggies that I have to use!) I decided that I needed to focus on one room only. That room was the kitchen. I started by cutting up the cantaloupe, which was bigger than my head. That task alone took me 30 minutes! I, then, washed all the new veggies and the dishes, scrubbed the stove down and washed the drip plates under the burners, I cleaned out the frig - and scrubbed the inside of the frig. Of course, in the process of doing all this, I'm feeling like I don't have anything to eat for dinner except eggplant and peaches and tomatz. In this process of cleaning out the frig, I found a ton of stuff that I'd purchased last week and forgotten about - blue cheese, Manchego, cherries, avocados, french bread, apples. It was lovely.

So, after my cleaning extravaganza, I made some french bread with melted blue cheese, I whipped up some guacamole with creole seasoning, and I put together a tomato, Manchego and basil salad for lunch today. Such good food luck I have.

The best part was lounging on my couch with Luther in my lap while flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks to find a good eggplant recipe. Yay! More on that tonight!

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