27 July 2009

The New Plants!

This weekend, I welcomed into my home 4 new plants. While out and about on Sunday (Gardeners Supply and Lowe's), I managed to get myself a Black Mission fig tree. A tree? Am I crazy or what? It's a cute thing - only about 3' tall - and covered in figs.

Rather than that being enough, I also purchased a rather healthy and handsome Venus Fly Trap. He hasn't caught anything yet, but he's definitely in working order.

Then, while at Lowe's, I was saddened by the leftover vegetable plants for sale...they were under-watered and sad looking. I brought home with me a yellow pepper plant and an heirloom tomato plant. They're both small yet, and I don't know if there's enough time in the season for them to grow into something that will produce edibles, but I had to save them from the path they were on. They're already looking much healthier.

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