08 July 2009

On the Road Again

Last weekend, I headed up to Chicago to visit with Jiff and Misha. We had ourselves a regular 4th of July bash. It was loverly. When I was packing for the trip though, it was the first time in forever that I thought to myself, man, I wish I were taking some knitting with me. I mean, I think about knitting all the time, and I have hundreds of patterns to knit, and hundreds of skeins of yarn calling out to be made into something. But, the carpal tunnel has been holding me down. It's been keeping me from my knitting for the better part of 6 months. So, now, I am ready to try knitting again. I have to. I miss it. Plus, what better way to spend evenings than curled up with someone...and your knitting...right?

I've been working on my cabled Aran sweater for ages. I can't stand it anymore. I'm about a quarter of the way through my first sleeve. I've messed up twice, altered the pattern once, and lost the sheet where I note my alterations. DO OVER. However, before I start to do anything over (which most people know I HATE doing - Jiff especially, who helped me unravel HALF of this SAME sweater in March), I have some ideas about other things to work on. If I can get my shit together, I'd like to take some of this with me when I fly up to NYC this coming weekend. Two hours as a captive audience of my knitting and I might just get a project started. :) (Below: Chevalier Mittens, Seamless Yoked Cardigan, Knit Hearts and, of course, EZ's Bog Jacket.)

Two weekends ago, before my tight summer travel schedule started, back when I had a relaxing weekend in town, I got to spend some time eating some BBQ. In Carrboro, Tyler's Taproom hosted the 8th Annual Blue Ribbon, Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. With PBR abound, and some great food and good music, my friend Jen and I had a rather southern good time. It was lovely and relaxing and despite the heat, there were frosty beverages and cute dogs to keep our minds off the sweltering temperatures, and steam room-like humidity.

Once I have a chance to upload pictures from Chicago, I'll be sure to give you a little picture show of that. :)

I hope everyone's having a lovely summer, and happy knitting/growing/vacationing/whatever it is that you are up to!

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