24 August 2009

Breakfasts and failures.

I've always been a big baker. I love baking breads, loaves, cookies and other desserty type things. Recently, I've been trying to get a little bit into breakfast foods. The bearded giant and I have spent some good time in the kitchen cooking each other breakfast, and we've ended up with some tasty results.

Of course, I shared with you my eating endeavors from my weekend of gluttony a few weekends ago. Since then, there have been brunches and breakfasts in...and out. Our cooking in has seen some great results:

It seems like a meager portion, but it was actually rather filling. These little muffins came out of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and were dense like scones. Their tops were brushed with butter and dipped in sugar and cinnamon.

This can be considered nothing more than a masterpiece. The giant made scones with black cherry preserves, spiced cooked apples and, of course, bacon. It was really the best breakfast that I've had in a long time...and amazingly, he made scones again this weekend. The scones pictured are plain scones, and the ones we had this weekend were cherry and almond scones. I wish I could eat breakfast all day long everyday!

I must admit to you all, however, that I did have a foodie failure recently. After making a superb souffle earlier this week, I got a bit too big for my britches. I decided that this weekend would be filled with souffle madness. I found two recipes to make - for dinner and dessert. Well, I got started on this Chipotle and Bleu Cheese Souffle recipe that I'd found online. I followed the directions exactly...which is an odd occurrence in and of itself. I measured out each bit, added them at the appropriate times, whipped my egg whites in to stiff but not dry peaks, and folded it all together. Whether it was the completely overwhelming amount of blue cheese, the copious amounts of ingredients, or something funky with my eggs, I'll never know. I can tell you this: it was gross. It was pretty, but it didn't rise. It smelled ok...but mostly like blue cheese. The texture was flat out wrong. It's rare that I make something that I really don't like, but this was it. So, in lieu of showing you the curdled nastiness that was that foodie failure, here's the previous souffle. (After such a disheartening experience, I was completely done, so no dessert souffle got made. Stay tuned for that later this week.)


Anna said...

Just cant get used to the idea of you eating meat!

borntoride said...

don't be so hard on yourself! you are an awesome chef!!