10 August 2009

From baseball to curry.

My cooking with leftovers worked pretty well, and the samosas were delicious. Their construction wasn't quite perfect though. I used some crescent rolls instead of making my own dough, and they were rather hard to stuff. It was definitely a fun little craft project though. They turned out really well, and paired nicely with the leftover blueberry chutney. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the finished product, but they were a warm golden brown and they were delish.

Since my last post, I've spent some good time tooling around NC. I went to another Durham Bulls game with some friends on Friday night. We were pretty well despised by those sitting near us by the end of the evening. We always operate within the bubble, failing to notice the distaste and frustrations of our spectators. Oh well. We had fun.

Then, on Saturday, the bearded giant and I went to Raffaldini Vineyards. I certainly wasn't getting my hopes up about the quality of the wine...I mean...this is NC, but I was pleasantly surprised. (Not that I'm all that picky about my wine...but someone I know is.) For our ride back to Durham, we had grainy sandwiches made from farmer's market bread, membrillo, amazing cheese and the leftover jamón serrano. After our long day out to Raffaldini and back, we had dinner from our farmer's market fare, which included lamb andouille sausage. Nothing like red beans, rice, crawfish and andouille sausage! Mmm...

And lastly, a klassy montage of photos from Rehoboth the other weekend:

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