27 September 2009

Cardigan Update

I am making good progress on my most recent obsession - the red cardigan. I'm really enjoying knitting it although there have been many many segments that I've had to repeat. Apparently, I have trouble paying attention when I'm knitting. I've got the left and right front, the back and the sleeves done. Part of it is still blocking, but I'm hoping to have it all assembled by the end of this coming week! Yay for finished objects.

In the meantime, when I wasn't knitting, I was at the mall doing some browsing. I was looking around at the mall being overwhelmed by the expensive chunky knits that are all around the stores these days. I couldn't believe the Urban Outfitters tiny cardigan that was in the window with a price tag of $58. Ridiculous. I could buy some Cotton Ease and whip that same thing in an afternoon on some size 13 needles. Blargh.

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