17 September 2009

Fondue = Food Coma

It has been a good long while since the last time I made a fondue. Last night, I went for it. I made Misha's Cheddar and Guinness fondue, which wasn't quite as good as when she makes it, but was good enough that there were only veggies leftover. I served it with parboiled red potatoes, baby carrots, Granny Smith apple, cauliflower and some sauteed chicken breast. It really hit the spot. I'd been craving fondue for quite a while.

After the fondue, the food coma hit pretty quickly...and that's when Luther made his power play.

Can you tell me who's winning in this picture?

1 comment:

borntoride said...

wow that picture of luther and alex is amazing.

i actually dont remember using guinness so maybe that was your problem. i think it's usually best to go with a light lager of some sort. but if yuo rmember it with guinness i guess maybe i rocked that shit.