18 September 2009

Limey Introduction

It's hard to believe, but after a long stint of NOT knitting, I've actually been working really hard to get this project finished. It's not going to be the longest running project...well, because the Aran sweater from 2004 takes that award. I started this baby sweater on July 11th. It's been over 2 months now, and the sweater is small enough that I could probably cram it into my wallet if I needed to.

Wwith the carpal tunnel feeling slightly better, I've been making a bit of headway. I can't wait to finish it because I have great plans for my fall knitting projects and as long as the carpal tunnel feels ok...then the knitting will progress. I haven't touched or thought about my other projects much at all THIS YEAR. Whew. That's a long time to hardly think about my knitting projects.

For the first time, I present you with my rendition of my Limey Seamless Cardigan.

It needs to be finished and blocked...and as you can see...I've lost a pair of my double point needles so I am crankily plugging along with long-ish circulars. Blech.

I'm hoping that I can finish the baby cardy this weekend to get started on a gifty with this:

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