08 September 2009

Sam Adams, Ted and more Sam Adams.

I spent last weekend visiting with friends in Boston, my new favorite city. Not only can I not wait to go back to visit...but I'm planning to move there. I mean, not right now, but someday...and by there, I don't necessarily mean Boston, but somewhere in New England. :)

Although we did get some of the tail end of Daniel's fury, we had amazingly good weather on Friday. There was a slight chill in the air, but not enough to really do any damage. The sun shone brightly nearly all day, and we found ourselves in a million difference places all over the Boston area. One of the many highlights was a place that came recommended to me by the bearded giant - Spike's Junkyard Dogs. It was incredible. They make everything fresh; the hotdogs are served on baguettes AND they have a veggie dog. If you're going to Boston - go there.

Saturday, more great food and more excitement: Sam Adams Brewery Tour. Now, don't be fooled by the folks who tell you that Sam Adams isn't brewed in Boston anymore. That's not QUITE true. Sam Adams has three breweries - MA, PA and OH. The one in Mass is a research and development brewery that also provides kegs of it's regular beers to pubs and bars in the Boston area. It was a blast, and I came away with a couple souvenirs from the place, which is generally not my style... The souvenir that I came away with was Sam Adams' special glass that Jim Koch developed. It's pretty awesome and it does everything they designed it to do.

Ultimately, the trip was far too short, but was not with out an interesting experience or two. As one can imagine, the weekend of Ted Kennedy's funeral was a time of mourning, celebration of his life and successes and a time when the simplest of messages seem to mean the most. On the highways in Massachusetts: Thanks Ted from the people of Massachusetts. It made me slightly misty-eyed...

Overall, the trip was far too short and I'm left wanting to move up there...at least for the temperate months...

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herding tapeworms said...

maybe we could invest in a group home for the temperate months and sublet for the crackheads who want to live in new england over the winter months.