30 September 2009

Sweater Weather!

I'm so excited - it feels like fall has finally arrived. The last two mornings, the temperature has been in the mid-50s when I've left for work. I'm thrilled. The summer was so hot and so humid that I feel like Durham deserves a break from that weather.

Since it's sweater weather, I'm definitely working on some sweaters. The cardigan that I'm working on is coming along at a good clip. Knitting over just a few more evenings and it should be done with the knitting part...then there's the seaming... I don't mind seaming so much. Generally, the painful horizontal seams are short and easily sewn together with the kitchner stitch. The vertical seams become invisible if you use the mattress stitch. That being said, I haven't always knows about those methods. My first two baby sweaters look like they were sewn by a 6 year old. Yuck.

In other news, I taught my good friend Mary how to knit the other night. I've taught a couple folks how to knit before, but she's the first person to really look like a natural. Since I taught her, I think she's ripped out and restarted the beginnings of the scarf that she was working on twice...for practice. Crazyhead.

And lastly, Friday is the season opener for the Canes. Yay! I went to the first preseason game and I can't wait for Friday!

Go Canes!

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Retainer Girl said...

I am SO excited for fall. It is my favorite season. I too am working on a sweater. The pattern is called Eat Lots of Ben & Jerry's and Get Fat for Insulation. It's only for advanced people, though.