03 October 2009

Another Blogversary

Well, I started my blog in October of 2005. That was a good long while ago. I do hope I've improved some in content, form and function.

Since starting this blog:
- my knitting has improved greatly
- I've had and begun to recover from carpal tunnel
- I've moved many, many times
- I've gone through a slew of significant (and insignificant) others
- my spinning improved...but then I ignored my spinning wheel for nearly a year...and I lost that improvement
- I've acquired a food processor named Hilda
- I've switched pairs of glasses a handful of times
- I've been through many, many different hair styles (or lack thereof)

It's just nice to stay in touch with friends and family through the blog. :)

Here's a little then and now action:


Anonymous said...

your hair looks so much better now.

Retainer Girl said...

I agree. I like the long hair, although I give you mad props for going short. I'd probably get 20 extra minutes in the morning if I didn't have to do my hair.