24 October 2009

Misha's Currer Cardigan

Pattern: Norah Gaughan's Currer
Size: 38"
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (I'm sad that this has been discontinued! It's a great yarn!)
Needles: Circular and Straight #8
Buttons: Button Drawer
Started: 9/19/2009
Finished: 10/22/2009

As you know, the carpal tunnel was really getting me down there for a while. But now, I'm back in the game.

I figured out what I was going to knit for Misha and bought the yarn last December, but I hadn't felt up to the task of starting a project like this...especially given the volume of seaming.

I started this a month ago, and I was very pleased with the pattern. It's fairly quick and fairly easy. The only thing that I would really do differently if I were doing it again: having seen it on Misha, I would knit the body portion a bit longer. Ultimately, the pattern is easy, quick and relatively easy to seam, although somewhat time consuming. It's important to pay attention to your gauge when seaming things like this.

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