06 October 2009

More Crafting

It has arrived.

The illustrious Print Gocco.

The wikipediaentry is somewhat...nondescript. For those who don't know, and from someone who hasn't yet used a Gocco, it's a way to create screen printed images which can then be transferred to paper or cloth. The system uses flashbulbs (like the ones used in old cameras) to transfer images, which must be designed/drawn/printed with carbon ink, onto the master screen. The flashbulbs cause a chemical reaction with the master screen and the carbon based ink which cause tiny perforations in the screen, which will allow ink to pass through when used to create an image. I spent some time last night playing around with ideas for notecards, totes, tshirts. (I was thinking of matching shirts for me and the bearded giant which would say: Turophile and Oenophile.)

I have a couple friends who have them. They're useful, interesting, fun and no longer manufactured. Their creative activities are various and sundry: holiday cards, decorated onesies for babies, notecards and posters of designs to be sold, wedding invitations/reply cards/thank you notes, and yet another friend who makes adorable calendars.

The possibilities seem endless, but my real motivation for buying it was to offset the enormous cost of stationary. I send out so many cards each year - many of which are expensive letter-pressed cards. I thought this would be something new and different for me.

It wasn't a great deal, but I ordered a new PG-11 online. I believe it's the newest model made. I have extra flashbulbs, extra master screens, and copious numbers of paints. I think that I showed incredible restraint last night by not busting out the paints and trying it without any sort of direction. I have thoughts on what I want to make, but since the components are so expensive...

In the meantime, you can look here to check out some of the things that people are making with their Goccos: http://www.flickr.com/groups/gocco/pool/

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