09 November 2009

Visiting with my mom!

I took a long weekend to do some vacationing with my mom, and it was well worthwhile, and the weather could not have been better. (She doesn't believe me that it rains all the frickin time in NC...especially not after 4 days of beautiful sunshine and temperatures.) She arrived on Thursday evening, and I hadn't been feeling very well. Despite having had some sort of stomach bug for the week prior, I did my best to be a good hostess and to make sure that my mom and I were well fed. In addition to heading to our maiden voyage at Duck and Dumpling in Raleigh (amazing food!!), I also cooked my first Dutch Baby, my first whole chicken (stuffed with onions and lemons and rubbed with olive oil and rosemary) and I helped my mom make beef brisket.

There was, of course, some excitement. Luther knocked a full plate of food upside down onto my generic beige carpet. Bad cat win! I got a TON of knitting done. And, I went house hunting. After month of perusing the local real estate markets online, reading several books about first time home buying, I was ready to take a look at some local places. It's an interesting experience to peer into someone else's home and try to envision yourself there. And our last exciting bit, mom got to meet the bearded giant. And, of course, as expected, she thought he was as glorious as I do. She got to experience him giving me shit, teasing me and, of course, she got to experience him being talky and smart and interesting, as he always is. :)

The most exciting part of the weekend, other than realizing that I am not a crazy property virgin with heinously unrealistic expectations, was going to the beach with my mom. We headed down to the coast and explored Wrightsville Beach. It was lovely. I wouldn't mind even checking it out in the summer. :) We also headed over to Orton Plantation, which is a huge old property with some cool gardens. I definitely needed a little bit of a recharge before heading into the end of the calendar year. It was great having my mom down and I can't wait to see her again over the holidays.

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