12 December 2009

Baking Distractions

There's no place like a new home for the holidays...but before I can get there, I'll have to cope with a handful of distractions. While I'm finishing packing up my apartment, I've taken the opportunity to do some last minute baking. I'm trying to lighten part of my load...or so I'm telling myself. Some of my friends thought that I ought to make a zucchini yule log, but I'll have to do some more research before I can try that.

I put together a couple baked items. After thumbing through an older copy of Bon Appetit, I found a recipe for apple turnovers and I couldn't resist. So, before the bearded giant headed off to yet another wine tasting, I setup my turnover assembly line. You can find the recipe here. Very easy and very tasty, although I did find that the granny smith apples took a while longer to cook tham the golden delicious apples. That made mashing them a bit harder. Regardless, I am totally psyched to be eating them for breakfast AND lunch today.

After that, some Martha Stewart pumpkin cupcakes appeared in my oven. Amazing. I don't know what I am going to with all of them. There's nearly 2 dozen. Looks like my coworkers will have some treats on Monday. :) I do still need to ice them, but I'll do that once I've tidied the kitchen a bit.

There is definitely more baking in my future, but I'll DEFINITELY need to accomplish some packing first.

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