29 December 2009


Oh, the holidays. I'm so mixed up in my beliefs at this point that I'll celebrate damn near anything. So, a Happy Kwanzaa to all, and to all a good night.

Since my aunt was going to be staying in Baltimore, my mom decided to make a break for it and skip town. She headed straight here, of course, to see and celebrate my new house. We definitely broke in my new 3 story, 3 bedroom townhouse.

Because there's no better time to start hosting things at the new place, I had people over for Christmas Eve (just 2 days after my closing). And to really ensure a Feliz Navidad, we had tacos for dinner. After dinner we did a little tree trimming...to be honest though, with the food coma I was in, I HARDLY wanted to hang ornaments at all. Thankfully, the bearded giant, Mika, Ryan and my mom both helped and worked to motivate me...and fill me with caffeine.

On Christmas Day, the bearded giant made us a wonderful breakfast of biscuits, sausage and eggy deliciousness. Then mom, the bearded giant and I all had some present-opening and stocking-unveiling, which was lovely. I ended up getting some wonderful gifts, including a Transformers action figure (Bumblebee, of course), a great fleece sweatshirt (perfect for dog-walking...), some beautiful lamps for the new living room and an amazing handknit bracelet from the bearded giant's mom (it's knit with sterling silver wire! so cool!). After presents, there was napping, and cooking, and unpacking.

For dinner, we really made quite the spread. The menu included:
- Caramelized Garlic-Onion Bisque
- Prime Rib with green beans and olive bread
- Buttermilk Pie

We, of course, gorged ourselves on this wonderful feast...and then laid down for a long winter's nap. And I must admit to you, the house is STILL filled with the smell of onions...

Despite all of our better judgment about what to do the day after Christmas, we did end up going out into the wilds of shopping hell, but mostly only for home improvement supplies. We did manage to find some good deals on things that I needed...like chairs, console tables, paint and the like, but we didn't come home with much. We were just feeling out the sales, and pricing things.

Before my mom left for home, I did get a chance to make a couple more tasty treats. Below see my Berry Turnovers and below that, Pears in Puff Pastry with Rosemary Custard (Feuilleté de Poires avec Crème Anglaise au Romarin). The pears were my favorite - they were stuffed with a date and sitting in the amazingly tasty Crème Anglaise. I made far too much of the custard, but I'll remember that for next time.

That's the rundown from the last few days. I'll be updating more pictures of the house and more pictures of some tasty edible treats soon!

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