14 January 2010

Adventures in Dog-Ownership

Ok, ok, ok. I know this will get old eventually, but I feel like I might just have bad dog-luck. Perhaps, when I acquired the best dog EVAR I used up all of my "avoid stepping in dog poo" and "Ellie DIDN'T pull my arm out of the socket while trying to chase a bird" credits.

Last night, Ellie and I spent the night at the bearded giant's. Sad for me, he's going out of town to a work retreat this weekend and leaving tonight. I didn't bring Ellie's crate, so we were just hoping that she'd behave. Turns out she did. Other than a little scuffle with the giant's cat, all went very well.

At the end of the night, the bearded giant corralled Ellie into the bedroom while I brushed my teeth. By the time I got in there, Ellie was curled up on my side of the bed with her head on my pillow. Dog parent fail. I'm not a huge fan of sleeping with dogs, but this seemed like a fail-safe way to ensure that she slept through the night... And it was. :) What a good dog she is, even if she is a pillow hog.

Although, this morning, while walking Ellie...I ended up stepping in an icy mud puddle. Sad.