23 January 2010

Fat doesn't grow on trees...

In the last few weeks since I adopted little Ellie, I've been working hard to eat better since the increase in exercise is mandated. Growing up with a dog, I never thought about how FAR we walked the dog. Now, I'm acutely aware. In addition spending a lot of time out in the cold and rain, I've also got a way to track it. A couple coworkers have started a competition. The participants are broken down into 2 teams, and the competition is based on having the minutes-exercised before the end of the fiscal year (June 30). It's a pretty great idea, and since I HAVE to get Ellie out everyday, I feel pretty great about my contribution to my team. We're using a website called Weight Loss Wars: http://weightlosswars.com You can track your weight, minutes exercised, miles covered and calories consumed. It's great.

In the meantime, however, the bearded giant and I were in serious need of some comfort food. Despite it having been a short week for some, it felt like a long week. We were in need of some warm, delightful, fattening food. I thought I'd try out a new recipe that I was thinking of using for my next potluck: Pierogi Casserole. It wasn't pretty, ladies and gentlemen. And it wasn't healthy. As we all know, fat doesn't grow on trees - it grows on pigs. You can see from the recipe that it contains a stick of butter and half a pound of bacon. It was, by no stretch of the imagination, healthy. But it tasted good. In the future, I'd do it differently - mix the potato and bacon mixtures together and add a little salt (I didn't add any...thinking the bacon would be enough...wrong.) I recommend trying it, but perhaps half the recipe. The amount this made could literally feed an army.

I'm sort of drooling a little bit thinking about how delicious dinner was while sipping my coffee with skim milk and eating my low-fat muffin that the bearded giant made me. Thank goodness for low-fat products. It helps balance things out.

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