20 January 2010

Oh Ellie...

It seems that Ellie is settling in just fine. She's gotten more outgoing and much more comfortable with both the bearded giant and I. She's also figuring out the house rules. I've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her having had vacation time, a holiday and a couple work from home days. It's been an adventure, mostly fun, and fairly exhausting.

Yesterday, I worked from home while waiting for my washer and dryer to be delivered. Boy have I missed washing clothes whenever I want!

Ellie and I had a bit of an adventure. She got off her leash - user-error on my part. She looked at me and paused a moment, and then ran as fast as she could away from me. She ran behind the entire length of townhouses across the street from me. I pursued. Sadly, unlike the ground behind my side of the street, the opposite side is NOT flat. Not even slightly. In fact, it was a muddy sheer drop. I lost her quickly. Four legs certainly are better than two. At that point I was really concerned that she wouldn't know where "home" was, that she would get hit by a car, that she would never come home... I kept running behind the houses. Finally, nearly at the end, there was a woman outside on her back porch that pointed me in the right direction. I did find Ellie...swimming in a muddy, nasty cesspool in the woods near our house. In a commanding voice, that I didn't even know I had (and I am VERY loud), I told her to come. She came right to my feet, I put her leash on and we went home.

I dried her off and ignored her. Time out for dogs doesn't really work, but they HATE to be ignored. I don't know if she got exactly the right message, but she spent the rest of the day atoning for her sins, and trying to win back my love. I know not to make that mistake again.

In other news, I now have clean clothes. And I spent an awesome weekend with Misha. We tooled around the area exploring both with and without Ellie. I took her to the Busy Bee, which is one of my favorite local joints and we found an awesome Indian restaurant. Our friend, Ian, had suggested Udupi Cafe to me over a year ago. I finally got around to checking it out. It's located in a weird spot in Cary, but I think anyone who likes Indian should go there. I think it's the best Indian food I've had. We also got to spend some time outside. The weather in the Triangle was AWESOME. It was over 60 on both Sunday and Monday! Yay NC!

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