13 January 2010

Joys of Dog-Ownership

Ellie doesn't really like her dog food. When we first got her, I purchased 2 kinds....one she LOVED and one she was luke-warm about. Well, luke-warm moved to strong dislike quickly. She doesn't really want to eat it. It's obvious that she's hungry...but just doesn't want the damn kibble that's in front of her. Far be it for me to force her to eat something untasty. Lord knows I wouldn't abide by that for myself.

Off to Petco we go...only it's about 8:30pm and the store closes at 9:00pm. I hustle Ellie into the car - she loves a car ride. We arrive at Petco with 15 minutes to spare. I take her out to a grassy area to wee before entering the store. She squats, goes, and we head in.

We first wander to the toy aisle. She's been a little mouthy when she's bored or ignored or feeling needy. She likes my 5 lb dumbbell. The bearded giant suggested that I try to find her a heavy rubber toy...although she doesn't seem to like the Kong we got her. I find some nice rubber toys that Ellie might like. While I am grabbing them, she pops squat number 2 next to the toy aisle. Awesome.

I run to the front, the blush hot on my cheeks, and grab some paper towels. I spend 5 minutes mopping up piss with hard, nonabsorbent paper towels. After the cleanup in aisle 6, I throw away the soiled cardboardpaper towels and start looking for dog food. It's been relocated since last week. I cannot find it. It is now 8:55pm. I spend the next 5 minutes looking for the dog food. At exactly 9:00pm, I, both, find the dog food AND realize I don't have my wallet.



borntoride said...

FAIL. all that pee for nothin!

Retainer Girl said...

That's terrible--but terribly funny.