16 January 2010

No more dislocated shoulders.

Part of me thought it was cruel and unusual punishment, part of me thought it wouldn't work anyways. Both parts were wrong.

Ellie's willingness to walk like a lady at the end of the leash has increased 100% with the aid of her "Gentle Leader" head collar. It hooks around her head and looks a little like a muzzle, but it's definitely not. She can still slobber on you if you get to her face. :) When she pulls, it causes her head to turn. She's not a fan...so she doesn't pull. It's like I exchanged my dog for a polite walking dog.

Thank you, bearded giant, for that suggestion.

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herding tapeworms said...

HA. we just watched a promo video for this leash. i'm sorry i didn't mention it when you were talking about your broken arm. GREAT idea, bearded giant. this things is supposed to work like a charm.