31 January 2010

Snow Day!

I didn't believe that it would actually snow and I was definitely wrong. It snowed at least 4" inches...probably more. And then it iced...a lot. The roads near my house are still solid sheets of ice. I am curious to see how Raleigh deals with this sort of thing. I wonder if they will plow, or at least sand some of the roads. I'm not sure that my little Honda will be anxious to try to claw her way out of the neighborhood.

Being trapped in the house for a weekend has been great. It's been nice and cozy inside. And Ellie has been super snuggly, when she's not trying to get outside. She loves playing in the backyard (and apparently playing with her own feces - yuck!) The bearded giant and I have been eating and drinking wintery comfort foods...like oatmeal, dutch babies, champagne and sausages. Not all together though, thankfully.

Even Luther got a little taste of the weather. Yesterday morning, he was pawing at the sliding glass door. He's been out in the snow before, but he was so urgently asking to be let out that I couldn't help but comply. He darted out the door. Stepped into the snow, and a look of distaste covered his face. He stepped high to try to avoid the snow which was everywhere. He lasted a whopping 15 seconds outside before he turned tail and ran into the house.

It's been fun getting to enjoy snow. It's been so long since I actually got to enjoy snow. We used to get snow in DC and VA all the time, but here in NC we're just far enough south that whenever there's the threat of snow...it quickly turns into the threat of sleet. Right now, I'm sitting in my den gazing out the door at my snow covered backyard. It's really beautiful, and pocked by all sorts doggy footprints, but that gives it character.

Having not seen the outside of my subdivision, I am really curious what the roads look like. I'm also curious what the roads in Durham look like and whether or not the university will be open tomorrow. I believe that Durham got more snow than Raleigh did.

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