12 January 2010


This was a busy weekend...well, life is busy I suppose. Friday night, the bearded giant and I worked on taping my kitchen. Not duct tape. Painter's tape. Saturday, in a matter of hours, the bearded giant, a giant friend of his and myself managed to smear yellow paint all over the walls in an organized fashion. Painting win!

As long as I can remember, I have wanted a yellow kitchen. I don't know where the idea came from, but I know I've been thinking about it since well before college. While other girls were thinking about weddings and prince charmings, I was planning my kitchen. Yellow walls, blue towels/napkins/pot holders and the like. Here, at nearly 30, I have achieved that. Amazing. It's bright, but not school-bus-y or highlighter-y. It is butter or hollandaise.

Before I painted the kitchen, I spent all of my time there. Now, I'm tempted to curl up on Ellie's bed and sleep on the kitchen floor.

I set goals for myself for housework, cleanliness, home improvement. I've found that the best way to inspire a quick and easy end to each task is to be sure to invite people over, which is what I did. Hoping to finish tidying and painting the house, I invited nearly 20 people over for a potluck for Sunday night. I thought that I would get 8...maybe 10. With 16 people over, I broke in the house, the kitchen and the dog. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and everyone was amazed at how well Ellie behaved...or had a lack of behavior in some instances. I suppose it's hard to behave any which way if you're passed out asleep on the floor in the middle of a dinner party.

Amazing. Some of my favorite moments - connecting a coworker's wife with the owner's of my favorite chocolate shop, Escazu Chocolates. She'd read about their shop in a magazine and was hoping to go check it out. I also sort of loved that Ellie helped herself to a warm spot on the couch by walking over one friend and behind another. The food was wonderful as well: beef stew, spinach quiche, baked mac & cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, amazing corn pudding, a traditional Venezuelan bread roll stuffed with olives and chorizo, cupcakes, cookies, banana bread, and of course, wine. Over all a rather tasty evening. :)

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Retainer Girl said...

Oh, I have also always wanted a yellow kitchen with blue accents. How lovely!

P.S. I'm going to steal your dog.