15 February 2010

♥ Happy Consumerist Hallmark Money-trap Day! ♥

Well, Valentine's is over. It was a lovely one though.

We did get some snow over night on Friday, which only lasted part of Saturday. I wish that it had stuck around longer! Ellie and I got to play in it a little bit on Saturday morning when it was still snowing. Even Luther was allowed to explore a little bit! Luther is definitely untrustworthy outside though. I let him out the door assuming that since the snow was several inches deep that he'd probably prefer to not get his dainty little paws wet. Not the case! He ran down to the backyard and alternated looking like he was pissed that his paws were wet and like he was considering hefting his 18 lb body over the 6' fence. Not likely to be successful in that endeavor. The snow was gone soon enough though, and, as of this morning, I hardly remembered that it snowed.

My valentine and I spent both Saturday and Sunday together, which was lovely. Usually, he has to work on the weekends. Saturday, we had brekkie together, ran some separate errands, and then met back up for a wine tasting out near Wake Forest. Afterwards, I treated him to the bottle of wine of his choosing for his valentine's day gift and then, I took him out for dinner at Dos Taquitos in Raleigh.

Sunday was a great day with both napping and togetherness. For starters, the bearded giant took Ellie for her early morning walk on Sunday, which I REALLY appreciated. We went out to Saving Grace to do some volunteer work, which entailed many dog shelter related activities - mopping, petting, feeding and exercising. It was emotionally exhausting, but it was a great time. We were happy to help out.

Sunday evening, however, was the coup de grace. The bearded giant cooked me dinner. He always goes all out when he cooks. After years of dating people who had a luke warm appreciation for cooking - or no ability to cook whatsoever - it's amazing to be with someone who is a far better cook than I am. The menu:

♥ Sauteed bok choy with shallots and garlic
♥ Toasted chick peas with salt and pepper
♥ Pan seared rack of lamb finished in the oven with a fig-white peppercorn reduction served with sunflower sprouts
♥ Joseph Drouhin Meursault

Oh, did I mention that he made this all up without any sort of recipe?

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Lisa Jane said...

Please, please, PLEASE have him write down the recipe for the lamb! I have been looking for an interesting lamb recipe for weeks; something that DOESN'T involve mint sauce!