02 February 2010

Lost and Found

Boy, I had an exciting night. In addition to getting to watch the premier to the final season of Lost, I actually found an old knitting project to work on. It was a little difficult considering the last time I did any knitting was a very very long time ago. Months even. Ultimately, I abandoned my knitting when I completely flubbed the sweater I was knitting for the bearded giant. It was going so beautifully. I loved it. I loved it's heft and the feel of the fabric. I did NOT, however, love the fact that the bearded giant and I could absolutely have fit into the sweater together.

Here's a picture before it got pulled out:

That photo was uploaded on November 7th. That's a damn long time ago.

So, I am starting anew. I recast on while watching Tivoed episodes Heroes and while I was mentally gearing up for Lost. I do love both Heroes and Lost. I got started on Heroes while living up in Hooville with a couple rugby girls. I got started with it and just kept going. And, of course, once the season of Heroes pitters out, it's time to move on to bigger and better things: LOST.

The time has come. It's the final season. And I am going to stress knit my way through a sweater for my handsome bearded friend. And the goal: finished by his birthday. That being said, I also need to be working on my mother's Christmas-turned-birthday sweater too. Sadly, it's a smaller gauge and it just bothers my poor little wrist too much to work on right now. The cold weather makes the carpal tunnel so much worse.

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